7 Leadership Mistakes That Can Break Your Company  

When you start growing a company or plan for a startup, you have to face countless challenges and complexities at different stages. As a leader, you must struggle to cope with your shortcomings which can negatively impact your company’s growth. 

Leadership is not an easy task for everyone. It’s a God-gifted quality that can handle only a few lucky people. As a human, you make lots of mistakes in your career that completely derail your future. But the thing is that a good leader can learn from past mistakes. 

Look for three things in a person: intelligence, energy, and integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother.” – Warren Buffet

The quote above focuses on integrity. Every leader has a responsibility to edge integrity. It is an extremely valuable trait that gives a cue to the employees from their leaders on how to act accordingly. A leader demonstrates the company’s value through their action and sets assurance for acceptable behavior.

The following are the mistakes a leader has to avoid that lead your company to downfall.

7 Biggest Leadership Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Company 


A boss needs to take responsibility that shapes the vision, plan, and expectations for delivering. As an entrepreneur, you have to set bigger goals for your employees, investors, and customers. But most importantly you set these goals that must be realistic.

Overpromising is a surefire course of action that can ruin credibility and destroy the reputation of your workplace. 

If you hire professionals for a CV writing service, these writers usually exaggerate their qualities and expertise which sounds bad for the customer. Similarly, leaders must be very careful during dealing with their employees or juniors. 

Setting unreal expectations can create a stressful situation for your team which destroys the reputation of your company in the marketplace. It is better to put your foot into your mouth than exceed the expectations to destroy your reputation. 


Absent communication, high staff turnover, and poor productivity belong to micromanagement. This mistake can choke innovation which causes people to feel untrusted. As a boss, you don’t need to interrupt everything. Instead of expecting perfection in employees, you need to empower them so that they can perform their work according to your vision. If you don’t take your employees’ suggestions, they will not trust you. 

In the beginning, entrepreneurs are expected to play every role. But when the company grows the entrepreneur becomes a head who ensures that everyone is performing their duties at their highest level for the company’s growth.

Impatient Behavior

If you are impatient and an angry young man, you will surely make rash decisions most of the time. Balancing your behavior helps you to work at any big company, grow your business and get success in every step of life. Conducting realistic strategic planning is not only helpful for your team, but it also works for your well-being. 

Most entrepreneurs are very optimistic, which explains they are taking more risks for the chances of success. 

Devaluing Team’s Performance

Nothing is worse than discouraging employees, taking them for granted, giving no appreciation for their efforts, and not compensating them properly. Company heads need to think about these mistakes and how they can create an environment where the employees reinforce their growth and get fair compensation.

Consider creating an environment for the well-being, and personal growth of your team so that all the team members get motivated and move forward for the betterment of the company. 

Sometimes paying less to your employees costs you hard. Leaders who are not paying market-competitive salaries to their employees will see high employee turnover and low morale. 

Entrepreneurs who are stingy and make mistakes from defrauding can’t build the organization to its highest level. 

Taking Too Much Work

Exceeding the number of projects never builds a healthy environment for both the employees and the leaders. 

Over-committing and handling multiple projects is a crucial mistake in the early days of a startup. Deciding manageable projects that a company pursues based on ROI should be the top priority of leaders. 

Most Graduate CV writing experts in Ireland take a lot of work at a time which is difficult for them to handle and unable to finish on the deadline. Being a professional doesn’t mean taking on a lot more burden. Think about your abilities, and how much stamina you need to complete a specific task. 

Dodging Accountability

Politicians and business leaders are famous for being answerable for their mistakes. In millions of people, only a few people can see the leader’s misstep, dogging accountability that can be incredibly damaging. It is the quality of good leadership to own their shortcoming and mistakes and then work to fix them timely. The best leader needs to confident enough for all the decisions and must have the ability to accept the failure of the team. A professional leader never plays a blame game but shares the credit with everyone.

Lack of Taking Necessary Actions

 It is not what initiative leaders take, it is what they are not taking at the right time that destroys trust. It is a leadership in capability. Whether it’s not taking feedback from the team members, not taking an action for the organizational values, or not calling out a bias when it takes place. These actions can slow the level of trust. 

Time taking decisions are beneficial for the company and also for the leaders and play a positive role in the growth of the company. Employees take lessons from their bosses that will help them to grow their own companies and plan for a startup.

Bottom Line

Leadership provides guidance, inspiration, and motivation to employees. But unfriendly behavior, lack of humility and not taking timely decisions leave a bad impact on employees and the reputation of the company as well. The aggregation of many mistakes is a major problem and eventually becomes a reason for the failure of any organization. 

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