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A Guide to Exploring the Beauty of Taif during Umrah

Taif is a stunning city with nature’s beautiful gifts. Known as the ‘City of Roses’, Taif is gifted with some of the world’s most exquisite roses that grow all over the region. Moreover, it has beautiful landscapes with stunning mountains and valleys. It is also known for its lush greenery, agricultural production, and pleasant summer and winter weather. 

As Taif is close to Makkah, many pilgrims like spending their free time in this beautiful city. If you have booked your Umrah packages 2023 from the UK, you should start planning your free time in the region. Make sure you make the most of this diverse Kingdom even if you travel for the pilgrimage. You will always have some free time to utilise and explore the beautiful places in the region like Taif. 

What Places to Visit in Taif?

Along with the ‘City of Roses’, Taif is known as the ‘City of Colours’ and has much to offer its tourists. Let’s discuss top places that you must visit in Taif;

  1. Rose Fields

Taif is known for its popular 30-petaled Damask rose. And you will indeed smell these roses’ sweet scent in this stunning city’s air. Taif alone produces around 300 million flowers yearly, which approximately 900 rose growers have. These roses produce the most expensive and valuable atar or rose oil. 

Tourists can explore these rose fields and take a guided tour of any of the rose factories. Moreover, you can also visit Taif’s Central Market, which offers a lot. From rose-scented soaps and aromatic oils to perfumes and rose water, you can find it all here. 

  1. Al Shafa Mountain

Al Shafa is the highest mountain near Taif and is a trendy picnic spot because of its scenic beauty. There is a park on the top of this mountain known as Mount Dhaka Park that provides an exceptional view of the whole mountain range that covers an area of almost 10,000 square meters. 

Moreover, the mountain regions also have multiple spas for staying longer. Al Shafa Mountain is perfect for a barbeque or a family picnic. This is the ideal place for a relaxing day with a pleasant view. So, if you have booked your Umrah packages 2023, you can also take some time to explore this scenic place. 

  1. Al Hada Mountain

Al Hada Mountain stretches towards Makkah and is the perfect tourist attraction in Taif. It is all about pink fields, joyful baboons, and open spaces. This mountain gives tourists an exceptional view with cable cars through its zig-zag camel trail and winding path slopes. 

The sunset view in Al Hada Mountain is a remarkable beauty, with the mountains lining up at the horizon. Also, a waterpark in the region will make visiting this place much more fun. This park is in Hejazistail Al Qar, a tourist destination in Taif. 

  1. Green Mountain Park/ Resort

Green Mountain Park and Resort is a popular tourist attraction in Taif. It is the perfect place for a family holiday or a relaxing time. The park is a stunning site with all its greenery. Moreover, it has numerous fun rides and gives you the dose of thrill you might be looking for. 

Green Mountain Park is known for its roller coaster ride. Also, you can explore 7D and 9D movie experiences you might not get anywhere else in the region. 

  1. Al-Wahba Crater

Al-Wahba Crater is an impressive volcanic crater that is perfect for those looking for a bit of adventure. The bottom part of this volcano or crater consists of white sodium phosphate crystals. Therefore, this crater is one of the most beautiful and unique natural sites that you might see in Taif.

Therefore, if you have gotten your Umrah packages 2023 and now you are planning what to do in your free time, you can fit a visit to this crater too. This place will intrigue you, especially if you enjoy unique natural sites. 

Final Words

Once you have trusted an experienced Umrah travel agency for services, you must decide where to visit during your stay in the Kingdom. You will surely be satisfied if you plan to visit Taif because it is one of the most beautiful cities in the region. 

It has natural beauty and many other tourist attractions that are ideal for children and families. So, if you want to have a relaxing time after the tiring pilgrimage routine, you can plan a visit to this soothing and calm city full of beauty. Explore Taif the best way and visit all the city’s beautiful and popular tourist attractions.

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