Build your Classified software – All you need to know about its features and costing

Build your Classified software – All you need to know about its features and costing

A profitable online classified ads business completely relies on perfect classified software. Existing market rulers who will be your challenging competitors are using the most preeminent classified software in the industry.

The competition is fierce and you need to come up with a unique strategy that can escalate your online classified business. More attention is needed while building classified Ads software. Let us explore more on the development of classified software with all crucial features.

What is classified Ads software?

Classified Ads software is an online application specially developed for online advertising that will promote products and services. The classified Ads application will connect buyers, advertisers, and the admin under one secured cloud-based app.

How popular is Classified Ads software in the market?

Many classified ad businesses have adopted a digital transformation and started using genuine classified software for their business. Before you start your classified ads business you need to know about the market size and scope of your classified software.

  • Between 2022 to 2027, the online Classified ad platform market size is expected to reach a CAGR of 10%.
  • The forecasted market size in terms of revenue will be $23100 million.
  • North America is the key region where the growth originated at 35%.
  • The growth in mobile classified advertising is one of the keys that drives the classified Ads business.

The scope of the online classified Ads industry is steady and you can step into this business without any hesitation. All you need is to understand the working pattern of the application and then you can start promoting and reaching your audience.

How does classified software work?

You have decided to develop classified software for your online classified ads business. Now you should know how an ordinary classified application function online in a simple practice client portal.

  • Users are allowed to register themselves with the platform using their email id or social media logins.
  • A user can be a seller as well as a buyer. Being a seller, the user will start posting his product ads on the application.
  • The seller will add relevant images and will give proper content about the product.
  • A user as a buyer will search for products using the search option.
  • The platform will list multiple sellers who sell a product that is being searched by the buyer.
  • The buyer will choose a seller and will negotiate with him through the application.
  • Once the deal is finalized, the buyer will buy the product from the seller and will pay through the classified app.
  • The admin of the app will deduct his commission value which was agreed upon by the seller and will let the seller withdraw the balance.
  • The buyer after getting service from the app, is allowed to share his feedback about the product and can share them on his social media pages.

This is how your classified ads software will be working for your classified business. Now you need to set proper features for your classified application. Keep in mind that your classified software should address your users as well as the admin of the platform’s requirements. Let us check out the extensive features for users and the admin in detail.

Essential features that are mandatory for a classified Ads Software

  • One tap sign-in – easy sign-in is the most essential feature that has to be integrated into your classified ads software. Make sure that your platform supports social media login and email login which are the simplest way to get connected with the platform.
  • Search & filter – this page should be user-friendly as users need to find the product they prefer to buy. Using the filtering option, users should be able to find their product according to the price, location, size, color, and many more.
  • Simplified ads posting – users should find it easy to post their ads on the top of the app. They should be allowed to provide enough description about the product and should support featured listing that will get the top space of the app.
  • Geo-location mapping – the main objective of building classified ads software is to let users buy and sell products locally. This feature will let users find other users in their nearby region and will let them buy and sell in the nearby locality.
  • Push notification – each update needs to be informed to all users of the platform. Through the push notification feature the admin can communicate with all users and keep them informed about the latest arrivals, new offers and discounts, and many more.

User management

  • – the admin needs complete control over the platform and should be able to add or remove any user from the platform. The admin should monitor each activity carried out by every single user.
  • Payment options – the classified software should be integrated with multiple payment gateways. The admin should be allowed to include other payment gateways in the application. Users should get multiple payment options to choose from for their payment processing.
  • Communication support – the classified software should be developed along with multiple communication channels that will let users communicate with each other. The in-app chat option is mandatory for any classified ads software.
  • Reviews and ratings – these are the most crucial features that will help the admin to understand his reputation among his users. Users are allowed to share their feedback through this option and they can rate the service offered by the platform.
  • Analytics and reporting – by measuring certain metrics you can evaluate the performance of your online classified business. This is possible with the analytics and reporting features. You can take reports on any metrics which can enhance your business performance.

All the above-mentioned features will let you have a seamless business operation and will satisfy all users on your platform. Now let us get into the classified software development process.

Classified Ad Software – Development

#1. Choose the type of the software

You need to decide on what type of classified marketplace you want. It can be a mobile app, a desktop app, or a web app. You can choose any one or even can have a combination of the above. Once you finalize your software type, you can move forward with your development process.

#2. Check with your competitors’ app

As you are new to the market, you need to gain more information from your competitors. To get better market knowledge you need to study the strategies and approaches they make in capturing the audience to their platform.

You can replicate the same business pattern and can easily win your audience and the market with proper strategy. Say for eg. You can check with OLX, a leading classified app, and know what functionalities they offer in their platform. You can use the same with your platform and get hold of your audience.

#3. Finalize your features

Now you have gained enough knowledge about all essential features of your classified software. You have also checked with your competitors and have noted additional and advanced features they all are using. With this guideline, you can easily set the list of features that are very crucial for your business operations.

#4. Select your platform to launch

When talking about classified software or a classified app, it has to be launched in an operating system. For any mobile app, we have Android OS and iOS platforms. You can choose any one or even both to launch your platform. Keep in mind that the cost varies according to your platform selection.

#5. Find the right development team

With all essential requirements, you need to approach the right and genuine development team or any individual skilled developer who can easily develop your platform. Share your requirement, budget, and timeline with them. You can either develop your classified ads software from scratch or you can choose a readymade software solution that will be an MVP. This will save your development time and also your budget wisely.

#6. Launch your classified software

Now you are ready to launch your platform online. You need to get support from a hosting company that can guide you in choosing the right hosting plan. They will offer you backup support and server maintenance. You can reach your audience with great classified ads software.

Cost to develop a classified Ads Software

You should be more curious to know about the cost part from the beginning. Costing cannot be given as an approximate one as there are several factors involved while framing the cost.

  • App development environment you choose which can be Android OS, iOS, or both.
  • User interface and user experience are very crucial for any software development. The app design will have a major impact on its cost.
  • The complexity of the app defines the working hours of the development. When the app is too complicated then more efforts are needed which results in high costing.
  • The tech stack is another influencing factor for costing. You need to decide on the platform, framework, and database to use for the development process.

You need to have a clear insight into your demands and then should sit and work with the development team to find the cost for the development of your classified software.


We believe that enough knowledge about classified ads software has been shared with you. Hope this will help you in building an excellent online classified business and reach your audience with a great platform. Use unique marketing strategies to grab the attention of your target group and compete in the market with a positive approach.

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