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One of the most elegant pieces of Indian heritage jewellery, jadau is a type of artificial jewellery that has its roots in Rajasthan-Bikaner.

History of Jadau Jewellery: Origins and Importance

One of the most intricate and elaborate styles of traditional Indian ethnic jewellery set creation is the Jadau technique. It entails employing the delicate Kundan technique to insert precious and semi-precious stones into gold. The result is a magnificent object that beautifully displays Indian craftsmanship.

It has a long history that dates back to the Mughal Empire and is still well-liked now due to its distinctive design features and opulent atmosphere. Beginning with elaborate designs carved out by expert artisans on gold sheets, uncut diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, or rubies are then added. Ghaat, which are tiny strips of pure 24-karat gold, are used to secure these stones. Due to Jadau’s handcrafted nature, the finished product is breathtakingly gorgeous, with each item being distinctive.

The Different Styles of Jadau artificial jewellery

  • Polki Jadau artificial jewellery

Instead of using precious stones, the kundan jadau style is distinguished by the use of glass stones, which lowers the price while keeping the beauty and elegance of jadau artificial jewellery. Last but not least, the thappa jadau style has a raised pattern that is made by hammering the metal, which gives it a distinct texture and depth. Regardless of the style you choose, jadau jewellery is a classic and adaptable art form that will always be in vogue.

A traditional Indian art form that has been handed down through the years is jadau artificial jewellery. It is renowned for its complex designs and usage of priceless metals and stones. The polki jadau, which includes uncut diamonds set in gold or silver, is one of the most well-liked types of jadau jewellery. Those who enjoy a majestic and opulent appearance will adore this design. The meenakari jadau, which features vibrant enamel work, is another well-liked design. For people who adore vivid and striking colors, this look is ideal.

  • Kundan Jadau

The kundan wedding jewellery jadau style nevertheless maintains the beauty and elegance of jadau artificial jewellery while being more reasonably priced and using glass stones rather than precious ones. The raised pattern in the thappa jadau style, which was produced by hammering the metal, gives it a distinct texture and depth. Jadau jewelry is a timeless and adaptable art form that will never go out of style, regardless of the style you choose.

Making of Jadau: Polki and Meenakari

Jadau jewellery is made using the highly skilled techniques of meenakari and polki. a complex design that has been handed down through several Indian artists’ generations. Uncut diamonds are used in polki, which requires selecting each one by hand for its distinct qualities before setting it into a gold or silver base to make a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Due to the technique’s meticulous craftsmanship, which requires hours to complete each item, it is highly regarded.

The technique of meenakari, on the other hand, uses various colored powders to create elaborate motifs on the surface of the metal. The metal is heated, the powder is applied, and then it is carefully carved with tiny chisels to create the designs. This method gives jadau jewelry a splash of color, setting it apart from other conventional designs.

Popular Jadau Designs 2023

  •  Navratna Jada artificial jewellery:

As the name implies, “Nine Gems” make up Navratna. Currently, Jadau-inspired Navratna-style ethnic necklace and bracelets are quite fashionable. A navratna jadau artificial jewellery set is a work of art that has beautiful diamonds inlaid throughout and a highly elegant appearance. whether it be as a lengha, saree, or a straightforward Anarkali. The beauty of the overall ensemble can be emphasized and enhanced with a colorful piece of navratna.

  • Polki Kundan bridal choker set:

Diamonds in their natural, unpolished nature make up the entirety of polki artificial jewellery. These uncut diamonds appear to be brilliant diamonds after being cleaned and chemically altered. Because it has uncut diamonds, Polki jewelry costs more than a kundan set for wedding. They can be combined with other pieces or worn as a standout piece. Additionally, they complement any attire, whether it be a saree or a basic kurta suit.

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