Gojek Clone App Development Guide: Importance of Mobile App Security 

M-commerce or Mobile Commerce is rising drastically. The trend has completely revolutionized how people shop, work, travel and get their chores done. Unquestionably, mobile apps have made everything easier but what about the risks that come with these perks? There are a lot of security threats that come complimentary with mobile commerce. Learn how you can curb that with what security practices you should consider when developing Gojek Clone App. 

Why Is Mobile Security Important? 

As you know there are mobile apps for almost everything that a person needs like apparel shopping, grocery delivery, social media, ticket booking, etc.  Apart from providing convenience to customers, these apps also help businesses to gain useful insights like usage statistics, users’ likes/dislikes, their location, and more. 

Things may go haywire if all the important information falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is important to build and maintain a secure premise for mobile apps.  To be precise mobile security means keeping the apps safe from external cybersecurity threats and attacks. Simply put, it saves the user’s personal data like their banking details, phone numbers, location, etc. from hackers. 

Building a Secured Gojek Clone App 

To ensure that your mobile app is secure and capable of eliminating security breaches, you need to follow a few best practices. 

Here are the practices you should follow: 

Data Encryption 

The encryption converts plain data into codes. During the data encryption process, the text is jumbled until it forms a code. A person with the decryption key can only solve the jumbling. It is one of the most popular ways to save users’ data from security threats. Gojek Clone’s source code must be formed using the latest Cryptography techniques. 

Securing the App’s Backend 

Every application has two sides – Frontend and Backend. The backend is basically the server side of the app where the data is stored, updates happen, logic is devised, and more. 

Frontend, on the other hand, is where the user interacts with. Every time a user interacts with the Frontend, the Backend stores the data or provides it as per the user’s request. 

In short, when developing the Gojek Clone App make sure every request is secured and no one external party can retrieve the data. 

Provide High Authentication Security 

It is essential to prevent unauthorized users from using the app. Thus, it is essential to realize that you need to provide a security level better than passwords. Well, these are multiple-user authentication technologies that you can use while developing the Gojek-like app. Here are some of these common authentication systems that you can adopt: 

  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Password authentication 
  • Biometric authentication 

Conduct Penetration Testing 

When developing the multi-service mobile app, ensure that you conduct Penetration Testing. This test is run to find your app’s potential weaknesses which a hacker can easily exploit.  Under this test, Quality Assurance experts look in-depth at the following aspects: 

  • Poor password policy 
  • Third-party authorizations 
  • Unencrypted data 
  • Password expiry protocols 

Well, keep in mind that penetration testing must be done on a regular basis to keep the app’s security intact. 

Latest Offerings Of All in One Solution App

The 2023 app is bigger and better than the previous one. With an entire assortment of 101+ on-demand services on a single platform, this app is simply a masterpiece! 

There are seven new components that you can offer on this application and free all your customers from the shackles of multiple app downloads.  A single-time installation and registration on this app will enable your customers to book taxi rides, order food & groceries, send parcels, hire personal shoppers, etc. 

In addition to these sterling services, the Gojek Clone also empowers them to leverage the following services: 

  1. Buy and sell real estate 

This service component enables your customers to list their commercial or residential property on the app for sale. 

Genuine buyers can then browse through these listings and based on their requirements, connect with the seller.  To keep the buyers posted about the property’s details, they add the following information: 

  • Selling price 
  • Photos 
  • Location 
  • Small description of the property  
  1. Buy, sell, and rent general items 

Using this application, your customers can easily buy, sell, and rent general items like electronics, phones, furniture, home appliances, etc. 

Users who want to put the item for sale or rent can add its photo and other basic details for the buyer’s reference. 

The buyers can contact the seller via an in-app call or message feature to take the deal further. 

  1. Buy, sell, and rent cars 

Using Gojek Clone, your users can buy, sell, and rent cars. 

New listings can be made by the user by adding the car’s photo, basic details, and rent/for sale price.  Also, if the user wants their car to get more leads, they can purchase the paid plans and get their listing displayed as ‘featured’ All the ‘featured’ listings will be displayed above all the other posts on the app. 

  1. Ridesharing 

Ridesharing or carpooling is another interesting service that you will be able to offer to your customers. Under this component, the user can post the details of the ride they want to share with other passengers. 

Well, these will be long-route rides, from one city to another. Now, anyone traveling alone in their vehicle can post about it and offer a carpool service. 

Thus, anyone who wants to travel to the same destination on the same date can book a seat in the user’s vehicle. 

When booking the carpooling facility on Gojek Clone, the user will be able to see the following details: 

  • The person driving the car 
  • Departure city 
  • Destination 
  • Stops 
  • Price per seat 
  • Restrictions (if any) 
  1. Nearby Businesses 

This service component is excellent for users who want to know what’s going on around them. Using this component they can search for a nearby business like a restaurant, store, or event place. 

They can see its name, and a small description, and also contact them via a call. Besides this information, they can easily: 

  • Book a taxi to the same location 
  • Order food from there 
  • See its location on the map 
  • View current offers and discounts 
  1. Track family members 

Using your application, customers will be easily able to track their family members in real time. For example, they can track the children’s school bus or close one’s staff vehicle. 

To start this service, the school/organization first needs to register itself on Gojek Clone. After the admin’s approval, the school/organization can register their students/employees and drivers on the app. 

After their registration, an invite code is shared with the family member. Now, they can set up a profile on the application and start tracking their family members in real-time. 

  1. On-demand medical services 

Emergency medical services are one of the greatest components of this app. Using this service component, your customers can: 

  • Book an appointment with the doctor
  • Book an ambulance 
  • Order medicines 
  • Book an appointment with the pet’s vet 
  • Order blood/plasma from a nearby blood bank 

Pre-built Gojek Clone App Supports Maximum Security 

Launching a Gojek-like app is tedious as the app owner needs to bring an expert team together to design, develop, test, and maintain the entire app. 

Therefore, it is best to opt for a pre-built application.

Moreover, you get a password and biometric authentication login system too. 

Want to check the app’s security on your own? Try the demo application. If you like it, purchase it and enjoy a tried-and-tested digital business solution. 

Need a professional’s verdict? Well, connect with the Gojek Clone App developers and get all your queries answered. 

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