The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Essay Writing in the Digital Age


This article sheds light on the current situation where digital media has overpowered the field of reading and writing. Then it discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on essay writing in this digital age and explains its potential effects on the survival of academic help services. In the final part, the article addresses the possible solution to counter the harmful impact of artificial intelligence on students’ academic activities.


Whether you like it or not, you will have to admit that artificial intelligence has become part and parcel of our daily lives. It has changed the educational landscape around the globe and made it really easy for students to craft their day-to-day assignments and academic essays online. The students are using various AI tools, such as ChatGPT, to get online essay writing assistance without being detected. Let’s explore the extent to which these tools have impacted the educational lives of students around the globe. 

Do AI Tools Really Help In Writing Essays?

GenZ students are jumping to join the bandwagon of using artificial intelligence tools for writing academic essays. Whether you accept it or not, artificial intelligence has almost eliminated the need for hiring essay writing help to get academic writing help online from expert human essay writers. Why buy essay online when you get a top-class essay written by ChatGPT free of cost? As easy and convincing as it sounds, the idea is not much practical. 

There is no denying that ChatGPT can write entire elaborate essays in a matter of a few seconds. You will need to give it prompts, and it will craft academic essays tailored to your custom requirements. But the thing is that AI detectors can easily detect such essays and academic documents. Before deciding to opt for artificial intelligence tools for getting essay writing help, you must know the risks it poses. Prepare yourself for the worst results from your professor if you do not adhere to his instructions and use the prohibited tools to write your essays. 

How do AI Essay Writers Work? 

AI writers make use of deep learning models to predict the text that should be used in sentences and paragraphs while writing academic essays. These suggestions are based on the data sets on which the developers train such AI writing models. It can be explained by the ways in which you get suggestions for auto-completion of messages while texting – it is an advanced version of the same technique as it completes the sentences based on the sense the essay makes. The AI tools also use NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques which deal with human language comprehension and generating the passages in a much human-like way. 

What are the Risks Of Using Artificial Intelligence Tools For Essay Writing?

Following are some of the repercussions you will inevitably have to face if you do not abstain from using artificial intelligence tools for writing custom essays. 

Committing Academic Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered a crime in academia, and students tend to avoid plagiarism as much as they can. While currently, it might be considered too difficult to detect ChatGPT-created content in your academic essays, chances are high that soon Turnitin shall detect the AI-based content in the academic essays. The content generated by artificial intelligence tools is highly sophisticated, unlike human writing styles, so supervisors can easily classify and detect it. Academic plagiarism is a serious impact of artificial intelligence and a serious form of academic misconduct. If you are accused of committing academic plagiarism, it will negatively impact your grades. 

Citation Errors

Certain reports show that the facts and figures provided by artificial intelligence tools were either incorrect or falsely made. AI models have been trained on years-old data sets that are not updated regularly because it takes too much time. While you may be giving prompts for a relatively new research topic, ChatGPT will craft the essay based on the old data and make your essay’s quality questionable. It is another negative impact of artificial intelligence on a student’s academic grades. It shows that you cannot truly rely on the writing capabilities of artificial intelligence tools. these tools can also generate and include citations in your papers with no background or references. 

The Decline in the Learning Curve of Students

Continued dependence on AI tools for writing academic essays will result in the decline of the academic learning potential of the students. It leads to the development crises of the students because the increased reliability of the AI tools does not let the students develop critical thinking abilities, and their problem-solving skills do not develop. It is also a substantial bad impact of artificial intelligence on the learning capacity of the students of this digital era. 

The Possible Solution: 

Most academic institutes around the globe have prohibited students from using artificial intelligence tools in crafting academic essays. There must be a check on the usage of such tools to stop the students from over-relying on them. It will lead to honing their writing capabilities and polish their analytical skills. 


Artificial Intelligence has completely changed the scope of essay writing in the academic field and has revolutionised how academic projects are being written. Some people are gifted with the capability to write naturally, while others struggle with the writing process of academic documents. If you are someone who is not good at crafting academic documents all by yourself, you should try hiring an essay writing service UK to craft your essay. Using AI tools to write academic papers is prohibited by most universities; if you do not abide by their rules, it will damage your academic career.

The bottom line is that the impact of artificial intelligence is both positive and negative in the academic landscape – it essentially depends on the way you use such tools. If you completely rely on artificial intelligence for writing your academic documents and essays, it will negatively impact your writing and research skills. 

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