Tips To Enhance Your Plus Size Body To Look Flattering

With time as the fashion industry has evolved, so do the clothes made for different body shapes. People have learned to embrace their bodies, as do the brands making clothes for them. But to get good designs and quality, you have to know of a brand that is known for its quality products.

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Tip to assist you:

Energy Boost:

Opening your wardrobe has to be a fantastic experience that lifts your mood, not one that makes you feel depressed. If that’s the state of your mind right now, then change it. You must transform it because our clothes boost our confidence and if you have a dull feeling because of it. Then you have to start making changes. First, take a day out from your busy schedule and bring all your closet to where you can see all the items. Then use Marie Kondo 5 step method to sort your clothes.

Marie Kondo 5 step

  1. Separate by Category
  2. Make subcategories of the categories
  3. Only keep the ones that please you
  4. Declutter, Organise, and specify a place for them.
  5. Finish what you started.

Once you use this method, you will know which ones you like and which you want to donate. The donation of clothes will make space for the new ones in your wardrobe.

Choose clothes that make you look tall:

While some plus-size women are blessed with good height, so they don’t have to put in much effort to look tall. At the same time, others can wear clothes that can elongate their bodies. You can quickly increase your height by creating the illusion of having longer legs. Moreover, there are many ways to do that, including wearing one colour from top to bottom or high-rise jeans. You can further enhance the height by pairing midis or ankle crop pants with ¾ sleeves.

Another way to increase your height is by wearing shoes that can add to your height, such as wedges, heels or platform heels.

Shape your waist:

An excellent way to look spectacular is to accentuate your waist. You can easily do it by wearing belts or accessories around the waist or wearing a tucked-up top. Although, belts are the best for their job, you can choose whatever suits your style. For example, if you have an hourglass body shape belt can work wonders for you in terms of showing your thin waist. You can also create this look by making use of many different kinds of styles of clothing.

Know your body shape:

It’s vital in this case to know your body shape before you decide to adorn it with clothes. Once you get familiar with your body shape, it will become easier to figure out what you should buy and what can work well with your body shape. Commonly there are 5 body shapes pear, hourglass, Rectangle, apple and triangle. In addition, you figure it out by looking into the mirror. After it, when you will go shopping, it will be a breeze for you since you know your body type. Moreover, you can use a measuring tape to note your size to avoid confusion while shopping in the store.

Blazers or jackets:

Blazers and jackets can work wonders in improving anyone’s style, let alone plus-size people. Blazers, cardigans and long cardigans are essential to anyone’s wardrobe. Yes, various styles are available, and one might get confused in choosing one. You can take help from Youtubers, stylists or your friends in order to find the one that will suit you. They are important because, first and foremost, they provide you with coverage. Secondly, they elevate your look, taking it to another level.

Create a fashion statement:

Yes, we all are not looking to go bold and get everyone’s attention, but it’s once in a while that we want to look completely fabulous. Most women try to hide behind dull and non-interesting clothing just to hide their curves. But now it’s time to shine. Stop hiding yourself behind those lifeless clothes, and learn to embrace your body. Moreover, wear clothes which you like and give you a boost of confidence. Sometimes while going to parties and all, we plus-size women tend to avoid such events. But you must find a dress that gives you confidence and make you look stylish at the same time.

Wear loose clothes:

Nowadays, many fashion brands think of the plus size women and make clothes catering to them. Now you can find any clothes in plus size that were previously unavailable. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and appreciate your body curves. These clothes can become your go-to style if that is what makes you happy and delightful. Flowy pieces are an excellent addition to your wardrobe; these flowy tops and dresses do not give your body a shape but skim right over.


Fabrics can also play an essential role in creating or breaking the look. When looking for fabrics, seek one with such a structure because stretchy material will lose its shape just after you wear it, producing an unpleasant look. Whenever buying, whether online or offline, read the description carefully. Moreover, get yourself a knee-height pencil skirt, as it will create balance. Similarly, wrapped clothes give off an enticing look; you must stuff a few of those in your wardrobe.

Colour and prints:

Prints can be your best friend; don’t be scared to mix and match them to create a perfect look. Use colour to your advantage, match it with your undertone and wear it with pride. Most people say darker tones such as blue, purple or brown are the best to hide curves in plain sight. But you must search for it yourself and select it.

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