Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior by Purchasing a Digital Lock for the Entrance Door

An entrance door speaks for the modernity of the home, particularly the locking system.  Before the digitised era, homeowners used traditional main door locking systems operated by keys for security and safety purposes. However, it had several issues, such as duplication, misplacement of keys, etc. The smart digital lock was introduced in the chapter to counter these issues. 

Digital locks are cutting-edge security devices operated using passcodes and biometric signatures like fingerprints and retinal scanners. These digital locks are extremely secure as there is no keyhole; thus no tension of misplacement of keys, and these digitised keys are unique for each lock, ensuring no duplication of keys. The passcode can also be easily changed anytime to ensure no one accidentally or intentionally learns about it. 

So, let’s learn how digital locks on your entrance door can upgrade your home’s exterior in the upcoming text.

Exclusive Features of Digital Locks

These are the primary features of digital locks that make them better than traditional locks:


Digital locks are shining examples of convenience. Owners no longer need to carry their keys with them whenever they go, and there is no risk of losing them or someone duplicating them. Many digital locks come with dedicated mobile applications that allow the lock to be locked and opened manually, letting owners monitor who is at the door and at what time. This lets the owner open the door to allow access to guests or family members and see who tries to force open the door without being physically present at the door.


Digital locks contain multiple advanced security features that traditional locks cannot match. Anti-tamper features stop unauthorised users from opening the lock by shutting down the lock and sending out remote alarm signals if the passcode is entered wrongly multiple times. Many digital locks also include inbuilt fire sensors that detect high temperatures and automatically open up to ensure people can exit the house safely. Owners can set separate passwords for different users and have a master code that supersedes them. You can also add new users who need access and remove existing users who do not need access by using dedicated mobile applications easily and conveniently. 


Digital locks are affordable and easy to install on any main door, be it wood, glass, or metal. They can also be installed in place of pre-existing locks without additional carpentry. These factors make digital locks accessible for the average homeowner, as anyone can easily install them without needing extra expensive infrastructure. 

Digital locks can also connect with devices like mobile phones, cameras, alarms, and home assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa for seamless digital integration and remote monitoring of everyone using the door.


Digital locks for the main door are highly resilient to rusting, corroding, jamming and harsh weather conditions, as they are made of extremely tough and durable materials and last for decades. Many digital locks are designed to operate for years without battery replacement, making them highly cost-effective. 

Furthermore, all digital locks have a low battery indicator to warn the owner to charge it before it dies. If the battery does run out, the digital lock for main door shuts down and will not open until it is recharged, and the correct passcode or biometric signature is entered. This ensures loss of power does not mean loss of security.


Digital locks stand out among main door locks regarding security and convenience. They do not operate on keys that can be duplicated, stolen, or lost, nor can they be lock-picked, as they do not have any keyholes. They can be operated using biometric signatures like fingerprints and retinal scans. These can be easily changed at any time to ensure it does not get into the hands of uninvited guests. 

Many digital locks can also get connected to the owner’s smartphone, allowing remote control and monitoring of the main door lock in their absence, notifying them of unapproved openings. Overall, the features offered by digital locks in securing the main doors of homes are many, so upgrade your traditional locks with innovative ones and leave a good impression on your guests.

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