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5 Essential Things Every Community Should Have Around the City!

There are more things that need to be distributed around the city in addition to housing, transportation, medical facilities, education, and so forth. Some necessities must match and keep up with rising innovations for a community to live and function properly in comfort.

And because of today’s advancements, you can bet tons of inventions can help a community function better. And not only will it benefit the citizens but also tourists and help boost tourism which can greatly elevate a city or town’s economy!

Below are great innovative inventions to help the public flow swiftly and comfortably along with its purpose, function, characteristics and unique features. So without further ado, here are the 5 essentials things every community needs around the city:

1 – Public charging stations

Phones today are used for various things (apart from calling & texting) may it be for transport, directions, work, booking, food, time, calendar and so much more! So you get the idea of how essential phones are, and even you will be able to vouch for that!

And because phones are needed most times of the day, it’s essential to have charging stations! This will come in handy for everyone, especially students, tourists and even people who are working remotely.

Charging stations should be available at bus stops, waiting areas, sidewalks and conveniently somewhere where people can sit or stay shaded from the sun. Charging ports should also have different types of smartphone charger USBs such as Type A, Type B, Micro USB, Type C and iOS.

The community can either choose to provide this for free or charge individuals per usage.

2 – Public water dispensers

Locals and even tourists almost always commute whether it’d be taking the bus, taxi, train and so on–all these require walking! And in a big city or a heavily populated town commuting can be quite tiresome–a cup of fresh water can always refresh you after long walks and waiting.

And even if we don’t talk about commuting, water is something essential for individuals! It’s a common necessity that should be available anywhere anytime without paying SO MUCH. Having to look for a store or vending machine and paying around a dollar per bottle is a lot to simply satisfy your thirst.

But if a community sets up public water dispensers, this can make clean drinking water accessible! Plus it’s also a better option than buying bottled water since it’s more sustainable. The only thing individuals need to do is to bring their containers.

The community can either choose to provide this for free or charge individuals per usage.

3 – Rental bikes and scooters

A way to make “getting around” faster and easier is through rental bikes and scooters! This is perfect for individuals that need to get around the area quicker. This is great for students, tourists and individuals who prefer to bike or scooter to work, a gathering and so on.

What the community can do is set up at least 5 ports that have 3 bikes and 3 scooters each. The equipment must only be rented and returned at ports after and before use. All the equipment is locked and unable to be used unless activated. 

To activate the equipment, individuals should scan the QR code on the equipment of choice and click on the link provided. Afterwards, simply fill up any necessary information such as your mode of payment, what port you’re in, what port you’ll be surrendering the equipment at and so on.

4 – Modular healthcare clinics

Another great necessity most communities need around the city is accessible healthcare facilities. And that has been made possible through the use of modular buildings. This allows the community to set up a facility anywhere around the city.

This is because modular buildings are easy, quick and less destructive to build. Plus you can either build it on site or have it transported to the desired location. It’s convenient, requires less manpower, requires less building time and is a greener option compared to traditional buildings.

Modular healthcare buildings are essential since they can provide accessible medical attention to people who live away from hospitals and clinics. This is ideal to be placed near danger-prone areas, remote areas and so on.

Additionally, modular healthcare buildings are well-furnished and frequently include hospital beds, air conditioning, and other amenities.

5 – Shaded benches

Last but not least are things people can use to rest and protect themselves from the sun or rain! Shaded benches are great to have around the city, especially if your city is super sunny, always raining or is packed with people.

Shaded benches allow people to rest in between walks, keep them sheltered from the heat of the sun or rain and overall provide a convenient and comfortable way to rest whilst in town. This is great to have at the park, wide sidewalks, near stations and so on.

Take away

Now you know 5 innovative things that should be added to communities, you get an idea of how things could be with these great inventions around the city/town. We hope this will inspire other cities and towns to think of more ways to create more efficient and convenient inventions in the future and implement them around the city.

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