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6 Dos and Don’ts When Travelling to Asian Countries!

Travelling is one of the many joys people get to do during their leisure time. This allows you to experience so many new things like trying out new delicacies, visiting new places, exploring new cultures, meeting new people and even creating more memories.

And if you’re someone who loves culture-rich places, then Asia is the destination you need to consider adding to your list! Asia is one of many cultured countries today since most Asian countries still practice old traditions even with today’s advanced society.

But when visiting Asia, there are certain things you need to consider knowing more about. Since this is a whole other country quite different from where you’re from–practices and the simple ways of doing things can be different.

So before your trip to Asia, make sure to learn more about certain things to do and not to do. Check some of the most common dos and don’ts down below:

1 – DO learn how to greet properly

Greetings in Asian countries play a huge role in terms of respect and etiquette. Almost all Asians greet people when they visit people’s houses, meet people, excuse people and so on. So depending on what country you visit, make sure to know how they normally greet each other.

For instance, if you visit Japan consider greeting people with “Ohayō gozaimasu” for good morning, “Konnichiwa” for hello or good day and “Konbanwa” for good evening. Or if you’re visiting India, greet people with “Namaste” with your palms pressed against one another (praying hand position) followed by a nod of the head or bow.

2 – DO try local delicacies

Each country has their own special delicacies, may it be in the form of candy, a savoury dish, a dessert, soup, a drink and so on. To fully experience any country or city you visit, consider trying out what dish they specialize in. 

If you think about it, it’s something so sacred to them after so many generations passed, it’s still something they proudly make today. So do try the delicacies of the country you visit. But if it’s something you aren’t ready to try (due to it being out-of-the-ordinary for you) consider trying their local snacks and candies.

3 – DO visit local markets

When visiting a new country, you can expect to have completely different snacks, vegetables, fruits, cosmetic products and more! So during your trip do visit local markets, malls and convenience stores!

You’ll be able to find new things and goodies you haven’t tried yet or never knew existed. Plus most Asian countries are packed with locally sourced snacks, soft drinks and so on so you’re bound to find something you have never tried before!

Plus local markets are also a great place to buy souvenirs and gifts for loved ones at home. You’ll be able to find keychains, snacks, candies and more!

4 – DON’T spend so much on accommodation

Anywhere you go, not only in Asian countries, consider staying in affordable accommodations! The reason you’re visiting a new country is to see what they have to offer like activities, food, sights and so much more! Don’t use up all your travelling budget on pricey accommodation.

But if you’re someone who can easily afford a luxury hotel, they go ahead. This tip is just something to consider if you want to fully experience Asia without going over budget. Plus there are tons of affordable accommodations in Asia that are not only clean and comfortable but also pleasing to the eyes.

You can try chain hotels, capsule hotels, serviced apartments and the list goes on! Also, a tip for a cheaper stay, book as early as you can to get good rates on rooms!

5 – DON’T dress down

Most Asian countries still honour modesty but again, depending on the place you’re visiting it may vary. For instance, if you’re going to the beach or a resort, it may not be a big issue to dress down. B to show respect, especially in highly modest countries consider dressing up modestly. 

For instance, if you’re visiting ancient temples, churches and so on, consider wearing something that covers your knees. That’s why when you visit popular destinations like temples, you’re always asked to wrap a long cloth around to cover your legs. 

So consider packing some pants, long skirts and anything below the knees.

6 – DON’T wear your shoes at a person’s home

Most Asian countries practice removing their shoes before entering a house. This is because Asian people put private space in high regard, so if you’re invited to their home it means they’re comfortable letting you into their private space. Respect that by removing your shoes to show hosts you respect their space and don’t want to make a mess

To avoid getting in the way, place your shoes neatly next to one another in the corner, far from the entryway. You may either put it on a shoe rack that they probably have or leave it in the corner.

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