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How to Start Secret Chat on Telegram?

Telegram unlike WhatsApp or other platforms doesn’t come by default as a chat-encryption-based chat platform.  But why is it even important? Well, for the most part, end-to-end, chat encryption ensures security and privacy in the sense that no one except the recipient can read it. However, this is not to mention that Telegram keeps it like that and doesn’t offer anything that would allow users to have conversations in a safe space. Well, as it turns out Telegram does have a feature called the secret Chat feature. But what is a secret chat on Telegram? Well, This article will tell you all about it. So, stick to the end. 

What is the Secret Chat Feature on Telegram? 

A secret chat is a form of chat available on Telegram that provides end-to-end encryption and additional security measures. This suggests that messages sent and received during a private discussion are the only parties who may see them and are not saved on Telegram’s servers. Along with encryption, hidden conversations allow users to set a timeframe for how long a message can be read before being automatically deleted.

Secret talks are only usable between two people,  they cannot be used in channels or groups. There are other limitations that apply to secret chats, such as the inability to forward messages or use cloud-based Telegram features like file sharing and stickers.

Features of the Secret Chat on Telegram

Telegram Secret chat employs end-to-end encryption, which limits decryption to the receiving device and encrypts communications on the sending device. It is ensured that nobody not even Telegram can access the messages by doing this.

In secret chats, the sender has control over the self-destruct timer. Once the timeout has passed, the messages are automatically deleted from both devices. It is ensured that neither device retains the messages for an extended period of time by doing this.

The sender can prevent recipients from forwarding messages and from taking screenshots of the conversation in secret chats. This adds another level of confidentiality to the conversation.

Secret chats are not kept on Telegram’s servers, so neither Telegram nor anyone else can access them. As a result, they offer greater privacy than standard Telegram chats.

How to Start the Secret Chat on Telegram?

  • Secret Chat can be started in the following ways on Telegram:
  • Firstly, you will have to open the Telegram app. 
  • Then head straight to the list of your contacts and then select the person that you want to have a secret chat with. 
  • Then, once you have selected the person, you will have to tap on their profile and then tap on ‘More’.

Here you will be able to see the ‘Start Secret Chat’ option and that’s it. 

Can Secret Chats be Used in Telegram Groups?

To put it simply No, you can not access the Secret Chat feature on Telegram groups. Remember that the ability to create a private group that requires an invite link to join, the ability to restrict who can send messages in the group, and the ability to delete messages for all group members are all additional security and privacy capabilities that Telegram does provide for group conversations.

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